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Shirdi Sai Society, Troy (SSST) is a Hindu religious, non-profit organization started in August 2014 has been conducting Sai Baba worship services every Thursday and on all important festivals, in the Troy area since its inception.

The Primary Purpose Of Shirdi Sai Society Trust Is To Promote The Philosophy Of Shirdi Sai Babas Teachings. The Goal Is To Serve The Needy, Depreived And Promote Educational And Religious Well Being For The Community.

Our Mission:

Shirdi Sai Society Trust firmly believes in the Motto "Service to Humanity is Service to God". WIth this in mind, we are committed to services through following four pillars:

  1. Charity

  2. Satsang

  3. Vidyadanam (Sai Vidyalay)

  4. Annadanam

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