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More about 4 Pillars:


To organize charitable events like Food drives, Blood donation Drive, Backpack programs benefiting the local community. We strongly encourage our devotees to get involved in various charities that our temple is going to do as and when the need arises.

  • Free Flu Shot Clinic: In collaboration with Walgreens SSST is been doing free flu shot clinic every year since 2015. With this charity event every year more than 50, Kids, Adults and parents who came from India are getting immunized against Flu .

  • Collection of canned food and donating it at Gleaners Food Bank.

  • Sai Vidyalay Students and Adult Volunteers go to Gleaners Food Distribution center to  provide volunteer services.



To Organize Bhajans, Bhakti Geet and Spiritual Discourses at Temple.

Satsang is derived from the Sanskrit word sat meaning truth or reality, and sangha means a gathering of people or devotees especially in a temple.


A very high level of importance is assigned to Satsang meet since it is considered essential for the spiritual edification and ethical progress of an individual. Collective worship and prayers in Satsang are considered higher than the isolated individual religious practice as the holy fellowship is all the time morally elevating.

In Satsang, the seeker of the Truth learns to make himself useful to others by engaging in acts of Seva, or social services which are so highly prized in Hinduism.


The seva can take the form of cleaning temple premises, shrines, preparing and serving food to the devotees, and the poor, respecting women, children and elderly, giving away charities, teaching free in temples, and contributing to sustainability and Go Green Initiative.

Satsang is the place where you are able to ask questions or doubts about spirituality, any practices, and principles and get them cleared. Without this cleansing, one will not be able to practice spirituality wholeheartedly. One gets to share one’s spiritual experiences and their significance in realizing absolute Truth. This gives others a motivation to persevere on this path.


Satsang helps to nurture the sattvikta and win over the rajasik and tamasik elements within and without us as otherwise, it becomes difficult to even think about God and spiritual practices. One also gets the benefit of growth of Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) and positivity that emanates from the sattvikta.


To teach about Hindu culture and to inculcate the philosophy of Sai Baba in children by teaching them slokas, hymns, and by encouraging them to participate in Traditional Music, Traditional dance and creative dramatic activities.

We request all devotees to donate $1 per month towards Sai Vidyadanam. This money will be used to help 2 students every month by sponsoring their 1 year education in India. Like that 24 students will be helped in a year.


Sai Vidyalay: Sai Vidylay offers several free classes to kids at Temple. The classes offered at Temple include, Shloka class, Carnatic music classes, Bharata Natyam classes, STEM Classes, Vedic math classes, Yoga Classes and Bhagavadgita Classes.



Providing Free food/Prasadam to all devotees anytime of the day.

SSST is committed to uphold our Culture and Tradition, our Mantra – Never send away anyone without offering them food. And here is our chance to uphold this great Indian tradition – ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’.

As a policy, food is affluent and plenty for everyone every day during Temple hours.  Everyone is welcome to enjoy the MahaPrasadam, absolutely free with no fees.


Annadanam SamamDanam Trilokeshu Na Vidhathe’: These verses from the Vedas mean Annadhanam is supreme and incomparable to any charity.

Baba’s quotes: “Annadanam - is the most pious and meritorious of all charity. Because, it is only by Annadhanam that one can be fully satisfied. It is only when one is given food, however much that person may take; there is a limit beyond which he just cannot take. The person says 'Thrupthosmi' (meaning ‘enough I am satisfied’). When food which is offered exceeds the limits, the person begs 'Please do not serve any more'. It is only when full satisfaction is expressed like this; the giver also reaps the full reward of charity”.

Bayaji Bai Seva: Bayaji Bai was the first person to take care of feeding Baba. She used to walk many miles every noon in search of Baba and used to offer food to Baba. With that kind of love we will offer Maha Prasadam to Baba every day at Morning and Evening Arathi.

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